Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Death of a Mother

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On October 27th 2006 34 Rhonda Fromm was killed...
Added: January 01, 2007
On October 27th 2006 34 Rhonda Fromm was killed on route 287 in Tioga County, PA when an oncoming trailer unhitched from a truck and forced a head-on collision with her vehicle sending her over the guard rail. My step fater survived with minor injuries to his arm, but my mother was killed at the scene and the driver of the truck kept driving. Its been 2 months, and the reward for any information leading to an arrest has been raised to 10,000 dollars. This video is to release the story, and to also express my feelings about her death. Its been so hard without my mother, i have only known her for 14 years and it doesnt seem like i could have ever said "I Love You" enough.

She loved Ozzy Osbourne to peices, so i decided to make I Just Want You the theme to this video.